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New Study Says: Abortion Does Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Few years ago I have read that abortion increase incidence to breast cancer risk. I thought the reasons was hormonal disorder. But now a new study show reverse.
A new US study suggests that breast cancer risk is not increased by induced abortion or miscarriage, contrary to the findings of some other studies and the claims made by some groups.
This study covered 973,437 person-years of follow-up between 1993 and 2003.

The results showed that:
-- 1,458 new cases of invasive breast cancer occurred during the follow-up.
-- 16,118 participants (15 per cent) reported a history of induced abortion.
-- 21,753 (21 per cent) reported a history of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).
-- Neither abortion nor miscarriage was linked significantly with breast cancer.
-- The results were unaffected by number of abortions or miscarriages, age of woman when the events occurred, and other factors.

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