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Osteoarthritis - Are You Preventing It?

Prevention is extremely important with osteoarthritis.

It's much easier to prevent osteoarthritis than it is to treat it.

In my opinion, here is the biggest problem. As long as people are pain free they will see no reason to take preventive measures against it.

For example, how many times have you had back pain, and only once you get the back pain do you start to take notice of your posture.

It's the same with your joints. They get damaged before you feel it. Cartilage can be wearing away before you even get the slightest symptoms.

So, lets assume you're fairly active and you know your joints are being worked each day. You're aware that they are in need of protection so what can you do?

There are a number of things but by far the most important two are these:
1. Pacing Your Activity.
2. Nutrition. This one is really important. Without specific nutrition, the cartilage and other tissues in your joints will not be as healthy as they should be to start off with. For instance they will not be holding as much water in as they should for cushioning and they may not be as thick as they could be.

Secondly, the cartilage will not be repaired as well as it should be after wear or injury if the nutrients that provide the building blocks for it are not present in the body in large enough amounts.

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