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When medicines fail

What is sickness?
Sickness (any sickness) is just a lie. An sickness doesn’t have life in itself, it’s just the absence of health.
To better understand this concept, imagine that health is a complex ecuation written on a blackboard, and ilness is this ecuation with a few erased factors, and it can’t be understood (and the result, which is health, can’t be reached).
To restore the health state, the equation must be restored.
How to restore the equation?
This is done by medical means (modern oralternative), but it can also be done by spiritual means.
Some plants and medicines simply bring back the missing information, while others completely rewrite it.
Unfortunately, some modern medical means (ie surgery) only “solve” the problem by isolating the equation from the reader, which often leads to pain. This pain is be smaller than the initial one, but it’s still pain.
Sometimes body illnesses are results of spiritual illnesses, and it’s obvious that you can’t heal your soul by taking medicines.

If you understood this concept, here’s some food for thought:
If medicines don’t help you get better, maybe it’s your soul that needs healing and attention, not your body.
Many illnesses are a result of people not taking care of their spiritual side.

How to heal your soul? That’s another story, for another


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