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New Laser Hair Removal Promises Permanent Results

When summer hits, we ladies think about it. Hair removal so our legs are smooth in shorts and bathing suits. But this year, there's a new option to get rid of that hair more permanently.. and less painfully.If you need unwanted hair to vanish for a long time it hurts. Whether you laser it, wax it, or use electrolysis. But now a simple new device is taking the hurt out of hair removal. Laser surgery technician Eric Bernstein tested it on many people including workout personal trainer Gretchen Corialos who wants her whole body to be smooth. Erin Elmore an investment banker who was on season 3 of the Apprentice, and joining the test, Kate Beaver a dancer for the Philadelphia 76-ers. They all bared their arm pits, and had regular laser hair removal under one arm.. and the new improved type under the other. Eric Bernstein says, "One of the drawbacks of laser hair removal is that it hurts. And the reason it hurts is because the hair takes up the light and produces heat. The more hair, the thicker the hair, the more it hurts."This is regular laser hair removal.
Erin Elmore says, ""I think the firing may have been more painful on my heart. This is more painful on my pits. Ha ha" Now the same lasering with this new invention. The PSF device that actually sucks up the skin. Kate Beaver says, "Definitely less pain. So which one would you pick next time. I would do this one again. The one with less pain. Definitely."How does it work? Eric Bernstein says, "Our skin is only allowed to feel one sensation at a time. So we can feel pressure or we can feel pain. Given the choice, we'd all choose pressure. So what this device does is it suctions the skin so we feel a pressure sensation and we can't feel pain."Once you have laser hair treatments three times, you'll only need a touchup once or twice a year to keep the hair away. The cost for both armpits, 150 to 250-dollars.

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