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Some advice for reducing eye problem of computer users

More than 50 percent of computer users experience eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches and other visual symptoms. Many of these problems can be reduced through an anti-glare screens and eye exercises. Spending too much time looking at a computer screen may raise your risk of the vision-robbing eye disease glaucoma.

When I finally went to get some glasses and I mentioned I used the computer allot. They gave me a separate prescription for "computer glasses" there was a special coating on the lens that actually relaxed my eye muscles when I wore them while working on computers. My eyes felt great and less stressed. I wear them so much that now I can't even look at a monitor without putting my glasses on because the screen actually hurts my eyes.

Some advice for reducing eye problem - Letting your eyes rest more often is definitely a good idea, too, no matter what the root of the problem is. If you keep fixed on a computer screen for several hours a day, your eyes will start to "protest". I would also recommend really going out every day, taking a walk and looking at things far away. This will starve your doctor and the medicine companies, but your eyes should recover, if you keep it up for several weeks. I sit at a computer all day. I frequently get up and walk around or go outside so that I give my eyes a rest and different depths to focus on. It definitely does help to do this.

Try to work only 2 hours straight then rest for an hour, and then go back to work. Exercise your eyes by looking up, down, left, right, round and repeat 3 times. Don’t wash eyes after using computer, and try to look at greenery and ocean once in a while.

If you have a CRT monitor, make sure it is operating at a refresh rate of 75Hz or above. Most default to 60Hz, which can be very hard on your eyes. I recommend 85Hz if your monitor can support it. You can change the refresh rate by right-clicking on your desktop, Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Monitor. Clean the screen regularly as they attract dust. The computer screen should be slightly below eye level. The expensive solution is to buy an LCD monitor; they're much easier on the eyes

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