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Tonsillectomy Shouldn't Dull Taste: Study

Tonsil removal (tonsillectomy) does not cause permanent changes to a person's sense of taste or smell, concludes an Austrian study of 65 patients.

"A number of case reports and a few systematic investigations of patients experiencing taste disorders after tonsillectomy have been published. However, based on the present results, taste loss after tonsillectomy seems to be a rare complication," a team at the University of Vienna wrote in the July issue of the journal Archives of Ophthalmology -- Head & Neck Surgery.

The patients rated their taste and smell on a scale of zero to 100 (zero = no taste and smell, and 100 = excellent taste and smell) before and after surgery.
The patients' self-reported scores declined from an average of 62.3 before surgery to 51.1 after surgery.

More information
There's more about tonsillectomy at the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

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